How to Perform a Successful Incident Postmortem

What is a postmortem?

Who should get invites?

  • Individuals/Teams that First Logged the Incident
  • Individuals/Teams that Responded to the Incident
  • Individuals/Teams that Diagnosed the Issue(s)
  • Individuals/Teams that Rectified the Issue(s)

What should get documented?

  • Date and Time that the Incident Started
  • Date and Time that the Incident was First Logged
  • Which Teams/Individuals Responded to the Incident
  • Number of Users/Accounts Affected
  • Number of Support Requests Raised
  • Date and Time that the Incident was Fixed
  • Any Solutions or Mitigations

What should you do after the postmortem?




Welsh Vegan Senior Software Engineer.

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Kyle Jones

Kyle Jones

Welsh Vegan Senior Software Engineer.

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