A Deep Dive into AWS Firecracker

What’s the Point?

  • To run thousands of functions (up to 8000) on a single machine with minimal wasted resources.
  • To allow thousands of functions to run on the same hardware, protected against a variety of risks including security vulnerabilities, such as side-channel attacks like Spectre.
  • To perform similarly to running natively, with no impact from the consumption of resources by other functions, retaining the possibility of over committing resources while providing functions with only the resources it needs.
  • To be able to start new and clean up old functions quickly.
Architectural diagram showing that the Frontend sends data directly to the Workers.
Architectural diagram of the AWS Lambda event path. The control path follows the light lines and the data path follows the bold line.
Diagram showing the overall architecture of the Lambda Worker.
Architectural diagram of the Lambda Worker.



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